Ferrari California Modification

Red Ferrari California Modification

Take a look wheels with red ring and the radius of gray on the legs of the horse this Jingkrak. Wheels are made by DPE (Dynamic Performance Engineering), but have faces made according to customer desires that none other than the owner of this Italian.

Unfortunately, because the identity of the owner did not want publicly known, forced to hide in a drawer. So ... No problemo, right?

Is Consort Ban, outlet tires on the road Mahakam, South Jakarta, who worked on a grand touring sports car Cabriolet hardtop this. According Wibowo Santosa, owner of the Empress, California, this 2010 model is expected to appear different from other units grounded in Indonesia.

"The owner emphasizes the aspect of a young, trendy, and more sporty. There are some brands that suit his wheels. But once I know love PDE picture, he immediately choose, "said the man was familiarly called this Bowo.

However, indirect selection picked. Bowo said, the buyer requested that the California-made alloy wheels, the U.S. was modified to match the red color horse.

This request is then answered by ordering a draft modification Bowo wheels directly to the PDE. As a result, PDE CS20 Wheels 3-piece was minted in red on the ring (outer lips) to the inside circumference.

Not only that, the color gray in the fingers is also made to accord with some of the items in the California.

Remarkably, it is not just any red color red. "Red is red specifically California, in contrast with the color red in the other Ferrari models," said Bowo.

Bowo also said that the PDE SC20 in the context of the standard already has its own uniqueness. Made from forged alloy wheels brings technical model, which means menampatkan hiden rivets bolts in the rear position.

In the California action PDE wheels looked more haunted because Bowo then accompanied him with Pirelli tires. At the front wheels measuring 21 × 9 accompanied by Pirelli 225/30-21 tires. As for the rear wheels 22 × 11 is selected 295/25-21 tires. "The plan, the rear tires will be replaced with size 315/25-21."

Now, no less important, how much money has been spent owners Ferrari California to spend the goods? According Bowo, for the four wheels are sold the buyer needs to spend U.S. $ 9,000 (approximately (USD 80.5 million). Meanwhile, Pirelli tires priced USD $ 25 million.

 Ferrari California Modification

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