Oke friend this is the caption of KTM-RC8 R – Ranking 7. 
Key Features: Motor made in Austria is using WP Suspensi claimed selevel with Ohlins Suspensi. This V2 motor motorized 1190cc and vigorous 165 hp. Using the design of twin tube trellis typical motor europe. 

Positive (+) 
Soal reabilitas more superior than competitors 
Suspensi WP is a standard feature 
Unique motor design, it is a solitary 

Negative (-) 
KTM version road less known version ketibang off roadnya 
still less quickly than the Japanese product and less prestis ketibang motor italy 
Be calculated the price is very expensive compared to competitors 
Most power in a small class 

Conclusion: Despite much positive response among the adorer Superbike veni vidi vici seemingly can not get by in this Austrian manufacturer.

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