Oke friend this is the modify of JUPITER-Z. This is truly revolutionary, change sex transsexual Jupie's not only Cub to SuperMoto extreme, even from the single-cylinder engine so berkonstruksi L-Twin. "The concept of oret-oretan design that is poured directly to the motor," exclamation Gunawan, from Planet modifikator Custom Pontianak. 
BODY Styles 
elanjutnya game start dilakoni fiber body from the tank, the front of the property Satria FU dicustom. SuperMoto similar designs, integrates with the front fender. Tank studied slim, so slim seat more similar trial. 
The selected concept is SuperMoto, automatic foot's ladder so berground and high clearance. Sock up front side property Nice tech, dicombo arm of the pro NSR SP 150 complete with monosoknya. Pontianak more waste MOGE trend, Gunawan also apply. Pelek carried back from the NSR SP, different from the front of the property of Boy Racing 17 ". Both berbalut rubber asphalt Battlax 110/70x17 and Delitire 130/80x17, I knit SuperMoto imitation. 
L-Twin Engine Configuration 
Style transsexual little more advanced Custom ala Planet, not only the body but the only engine also diakali. Sleep machine ditambahi machine imitation, to add one cylinder GL Pro set up to look motorized L2 ala Ducati. "This call name heat engine cold, when digeber means and engine work, cylinder engine original definitive set of hot, set-cylinder engine while the 'second' cold or warm, clear it," kekeh Tito, redcrew ototrend also often make the machine 'summer cold' in Binter Merzy kesayangan.Pasangnya easy banget. make from the first adapter plate thick is 1.2 mm this cut studied the box and adjusted to the curvature of the engine block of the top property Jupie. So, this adapter is connected to the bracket ditautkan to the main frame. Prevent not too vibrant, the top of the cylinder set 'false' should also be linked to the framework. n team

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