MODIFIKASI Vespa Excel Bergaya Skubek

Well, welll...

Do you knwo If the Vespa model skubek be changed, then the process can be. All dipermak certain framework. Shockbreaker combination of road and land garuk (trail), while the two wheels adopted from Suzuki Karimun. Nah, lho weird eh! 

David Lesman not if the paper does not create that weird. Vespa is a matter, this builder is known as the eksperimennya. That includes modifications to the Vespa Excel 1997 is inspired by the MotoGP, especially the ditunggangi Ducati Desmosedici Casey Stoner. 

To get the view that, all dirombak order total. Especially swing-arm, so that the main focus of the product because the vehicle engine is in Italian right. Miscalculation, said club members Stripe (Scooter Independent) Jakarta, this motor can be italics. Therefore, it is time to do some testing penyesuian position to fit. 

Finally, he found that the pairing arm swing to match fall on the Suzuki Satria 120. However, the use of MX monoshock. Then, between the arm and the right of the engine made more grip from the iron plate setebal 1.4 cm. "Now it can be separated while the motor is hands straight and stable," said the former pebalap Vespa. 

Affairs foot-feet, David is also behind the same enggak want children skubek fond of life velg car. The choice fell on the Suzuki Karimun velg to the back, while the front of the Yamaha Majesty dicomot. Meanwhile, the exhaust is taken from the Kawasaki Ninja. 

Vespa total shield removed. Instead, David interested in the Yamaha Jupiter MX. Meanwhile, the stern style of contrived CBR250. Really sporty, eh! Because inspirasinya Ducati, the color red is also studied. 

David is also proud to be able to realize obsesinya, Vespa disulap so skubek. Previously, in 2005, he had to change the withdrawal semok Vespa F1 car. We wait for the next experiment.

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