What Motor Satria F you are fast ?... ... or is still satisfied with the labor standard Satria F motor which has a sizable staff, I will give away is important, to all rider two wheels ... 
Power jack Suzuki Satria F can be done with a more gradual or "ngetrennya" Step By Step, the most simple way to the most difficult. For all of that is still a beginner and want to increase the power should be started with the first purchase the exhaust, and in selecting exhaust loe all must carefully according to the experts, a good exhaust muffler is made of steel material steinless. 
yap .... Report of the results from the Dyno Test Satria F with Various Knalpot  
Conditions on the Standard Satria F can give off energy at 11.62 dk 9000 rpm, the 9.8 nm torsi at 7300 rpm 
Then the replacement Knalpot with the Pico without setting, able to power up 12.86 at dk 10,100 rpm, meaning kenaikannya 1.24  
So with Knalpot, may increase despite rising energy around 1-2 dk-an. 
But it's still a labor Satria F is higher again ... "gue kasih bocorannya", namely how to use Dopping Additional. Income increase is the fuel-air mixture entering the cylinder. can attach big carburettor, Kem long duration and high lift. Carburettor system using a standard vacuum cleaner. Reponsif gasoline supply is less because of the wait kevakuman engine. Venturi size is also only 26 mm. Pilot Jet 12.5 and 110 main jet. 
How Use big carburettor, "gini caranya" ... use carburettor Keihin PE 28, though more reponsif .. setting with the 42 Pilot jet and main jet 120, then take kebengkel order mekaniknya the urus ... what more do I do .. 

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