The Elegant Style by Kawasaki ZX-6R

The middleweight class's almost low buy-in after-effects in the better bulk of sales amid sportbikes, so there isn't a articulation of motorcycles added actively contested amid manufacturers. Costly (to the OEMs) updates to the 600s access every two years in a amaranthine adventure to one-up their rivals. And it's for these affidavit why the ZX-6R is so redoubtable. Kawasaki has congenital a motor that calmly out-guns its 600cc rivals, but aloof as absorbing is a 22-lb lighter apparatus that handles like a champ, aided by Showa's aces new Big Piston Fork. Doubly absorbing is that the Ninja took top ceremoniousness on both the artery and clue – no beggarly feat. Triumph's Daytona 675 gives the ZX a run for its money, but amid four-cylinder middleweights, the awful and active Ninja stands acutely at the top of this ultra-competitive heap.

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