Modification Ducati Motor Monster

monster 2009 of Ducati 1100 and 1100S access actual a swingarm with simple face nine, admitting the 1100S additionally obtains the abeyance of haut-SpEc. hlins, auto but-painted and the shock cushion afore carbonfibre. The two bicycles are able with aforementioned the 1100cc v-twin, which makes 95bhp with 7,500rpm and 10.5Kgm of brace with 6,000rpm.
Engineers de Ducati managed to access a motor bike abundant added capital that with its 169 kilogrammes 168 kilogrammes for the adaptation of S actuality the accepted accessible as lighter in its class.
The monster S 1100 and 1100, awash beneath the alternation of cupolino and coprisella are able in the accomplished apple with the charismatic-cylinder 1100 DC Desmodromico 2 valves, acclaimed for the distinct appearance provided by cv 95 paid to the dall of 7.500 t/mn to the 'minute of absorbing and the brace of 10.5 Kgm to 6000 t/mn.

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