Modification Style in 2010 Years

Jakarta - The movement of two-wheeled style modification from year to year did experience a change in trend, generally following the aura modify itself.

However, despite no accessories that essentially followed the trend from year to year in accordance with the functional and needs.

Because 12 months of 2009 almost missed, certainly a lot of cues from automotive enthusiasts in the world to meet the modifications in 2010. Are there any changes with modifications in 2010 trend?

Well, the usual slaughter house motorcycles in numbers Ragunan, Costum Tauco would suggest a lot of changes in the overhaul of the iron horse next year

Well, Topo Atmodjo Goedel said as the workshop leaders to modify the style of transition will occur on motorcycles in 2010 that ducks are going to be a greasy-looking duck, but still challenging.

"The concept of motor modifications would duck in the year to the European style towards a more minimalist, but still took his aura," said Topo, Thursday (10/12/2009).

European concept referred Topo minimalist style modification is not so changed the total body overhaul motorcycles, aka 100 percent. For in 2010 according to the preferred modification.

"Most just add the appropriate accessories, and applied to the bike," he said.

Nah it's just a minimalist body, the engine will also go Topo appear as it is, because it judged to meet the daily mobility. "Machine no changed much, in 2010 the possibility of many people who do not dismantle the plant innate machinery," explained the man's tuft.

And for the color, the motor has been modified to duck would still use bright colors to attract attention. Also with the broad concepts behind the tires would still be applied by modification people  homeland.

"Nothing out wide tires also still loved in 2010," he said.

In contrast to the motor stick, let's call Scorpio, V-Xion, Tiger and others. Now, for the concept that man Topo motors are also often out of the tipi is revealed will often use the Streetfighter concept. Just big wheel, the display will also perform cool body but still thinking about the safety element.

Year 2010 motorcycles more extreme style bar with striking colors like red and blue

But for daily use or who simply want to look different, sharp intake of the usual lines attached to the concept of the motor is reduced by the safety reasons for the other riders. "The body tends to be improve so as not to appear extreme, but still striking and looks different," he said.

And to support the body streetfighter, tend simple graphic with stripping on both sides of the body only. "Airbrush is still used with colors adjusted," he added. As for stirring up the constitutional machinery will start streetfighter also abandoned. "Safety and functional reasons," he concluded.

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