Modifikasi Air Brush Honda Blade

Duck with air brush style wear such big tires on the Honda Blade is arguably an unusual case. Johanes Hanafi did want to appear extreme. If the big tires, rims her then wear? According to him, that part of moge comoton Suzuki Hayabusa.

If you glanced at the body, then this section is not much change. Understandably, John wanted to extremes around the legs only. "Let people in astonishment," he revealed.

So how did the wheels Hayabusa 2.5 x 17-inch (front) and 6 x 17-inch (front) get in? First step, according to John, is looking for arms that could swing the six-inch alloy wheels. Here he did not want to wear the arm of the Hayabusa because, in addition to look very large, the results are even so saggy.

Choice fell on the arm variations Ninja 250R. "The size is still fit the duck body," says workshop owner in the X-16 Car Market, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. However, the swing arm that can not directly connect because its dimensions are too long so, if you maintain a standard cradle position, then the result will look strange. Highly unlikely if he cut it too.

The solution is to shift the front of the swing arm mounting. "He made a new holder of solid iron, so the front is attached to the machine," explained John.

After the rear, the change was moved to the front. Because instead of big tires, a new triangle must also be made. The iron triangle using 15 mm thick which made wide so that wheels can enter.
Modifikasi Air Brush Honda Blade

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