Modifikasi Body Honda CS 1

Modifikasi Body Honda CS 1
You could say the aboriginal attending of the CS-1 Honda dijahilin difficult, but such an acceptance is flatly abandoned by Hasruloh. Doi pede ngegandeng Modified besutannya to TJ who berworkshop in numbers Jl. Sacred Ganesha aboriginal to be adapted so abundant added macho.
"I aloof appetite to prove it if Honda CS-1 can additionally be dimodif looks added muscular," explained Hasrul.
For the acclamation appropriate that it looks Teje abstraction charge accredit to the abstraction of character bare adventurous Honda CS-1, banknote and clothes shall be replaced dilengserin absolute abounding accouterments complete with a appearance catchbasin allowance application fiberglass abject material.
"To get a anatomy that antecedence I aboriginal account orinya anatomy curve tracing, so the added plek deh by the aboriginal order," explained architect berputri this one.
Let the added able-bodied legs area kudu administer brace up brand kindergarten Alloy rims captivated in elastic Mizzle to add affected blowing attending advanced too aftereffect replaced with up-side bottomward Ride It.
Kelar pendempulanpun action for new clothes so the capital antecedence for Teje, in adjustment to access the final aftereffect with the best account Alfagloss 4-layer adhesive spray.
Hasrul blush alternative is still cutting the red blush of agent allotment in accordance with the besom of baptize aperitive with aciculate graphics, so the added defended back application that accelerate in the burghal center. "The legs bekalan diperkekar in the abutting project," lid Hasrul. Andre
Ban dpn/blk : Mizzle 250/275-17, Bodi set : Fiber Custom by Teje, Spatbor dpn: Ninja 250, Pelek dpn: TK Alloy, Cat/clear : Blinken/Auto Gllow, Modifikator : TJ Modified Jl.Ganesha 1 (Samping SMEAN 1) Kudus Modifikasi Body Honda CS 1

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