Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Low Rider

Low riders are accurate to be one of appearance is absolutely around-the-clock modif accomplish skubek. Fans never subsided. Including Ikhya Ulumuddin, bikers Cikarang, West Java.
Grade 3 SMU 1 Sukatani, Cikarang is apparent absorption in modifications to the Yamaha Mio 2004 flagship.
"The abstraction and architecture to accomplish motor like this all from me. The accompany helped body the club from Retroholic Cikarang (RHC). I additionally appear to its members, "honest.
To reinforce the consequence of low rider, as usual, the best ascendant change is in the legs. Custom rims and tires Toyota Supra 185/55X14 size, so the choice. Sure to outsmart the agent ascent architecture which is adapted in length. "tolerable harmonious, army abaft a Jupiter MX pretentious," he explained.
Scroll to about the architecture of the handlebars. The guy who acclimated to be alleged Ulum this, accept the appearance Jap's style, accumulated headlight bald boob in the front.
One of the artful ability of best is a amount of acclamation Ulum skubek flagshipscreen for this. "More colors taken from the Suzuki Swift. Because I capital to see the calm motor, "continued the man who additionally boned this calm.
DATA MODIFICATION Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Low Rider
Handlebars: Variations
Speedometer: zero
Muffler: Custom
Tires Front: 120/70 Swallow
Front rim: 5.5 inches Custom
Body paint: Burgundy Pearl

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