Honda CR-Z Hybrid

As a sedan that looks into the sports category it was not sticking strong aura of the Honda CR-Z hybrid. So, home modifications division of Honda, namely Mugen European branch, furnish a body like a performance that has been shown in the Honda Type-R.

Now, Mugen Europe and the UK are developing a prototype project and the CR-Z will appear at the Goodwood Festival in England, next July. "This will be one of the hybrid fast," said Martin Moll, Head of Marketing of Honda UK. With experience working Mugen Honda cars become more powerful and bertorsi, "We hope to be realized also in the CR-Z,"said Martin.

To boost power and torque on the prototype Mugen CR-Z, 1.5 liter VTEC cardiac pacemaker be addressed, including the IMA system. Another advantage, so CO2 emissions are lower.

In addition to the body and machine, the upgrade was also done on the brakes and suspension, and the hood is replaced with carbon fiber material, plus an aerodynamic body kit and a package of front and rear bumper, rear wing and diffuser.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

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