Ducati 1198S

Oke friend this is the caption of Ducati 1198S

Key features: Ducati finally realize that the problems during this dialaminya. The wild energy is now able to use the DTC in the elimination aka traction control is active only during this motor is located on the Moto GP. Torsi 125nm which is the largest in its class. 

Positive (+) 
Great energy and light weight supported by the Active Traction Control 
Provençal perfect when used in circuits for both amateur especially by professional 
Prestis motor but does not depend on individual derived from the Ducati brand itself 
Cheap Oprasional be regarded 
Energy in each round of responsive engines 
The motor size and slim lightweight dikelasnya 
ATPM Ducati in Indonesia is the most consistent and long (class MOGE) 

Negative (-) 
Desainya is a model year 2007 
Wedge between his brother own 848 and 1098R 
Minus slipery clutch 

Conclusion: The dominance Ducati in WSBK event is evidence that the distinctive performance 1198S does not need to doubt. Traction control active evidently able to work perfectly when used on track or on road. But the existence of 848 more tame and cheap, and the 1098R is designed to make berhabitat in the motor circuit is the product nanggung, but not a bit rate that 1198s is a perfect alternative.

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