Oke friend see the image. This he Ducati the Sample M400 cc! this size equally precisely with the Sample M. 600 Dark and M620 ie. His difference mesi him only 400 cc. His weight around 170 kg, lighter 7 kg from the version M. 620 ie. One by one him the lack was front disc brakes only one (left-hand), but gak must worry because level level the owner of the Sample M. 400 have installed right-hand disc brakes - the brake mount has been available so be kept rising. For the performance might not be made hesitate although only 400cc the machine M. 400 could produce 52 mobile phones and great speed 180 km/j easy in gained. Oh OK Ariel Peter the pan and Ari Wibowo were recorded as the owner from 6 units M. 400 that circled in Indonesia. To spare parts ga must worry because of the component M. 400 equally precisely with the variant component of the Sample that lai him, This the photograph of Ducati Monster M. 400 in 2003, had the friend gw. Gw personally that the photograph with camera the mobile phone. His muffler has he the substitute was the same Termignoni Cevlar Foggy. if emang the interest right could the e-mail to gw. Setau gw his price market around 75 - 84 millions depended the condition. That definitely in Indonesia only had 6 units bro!

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