Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade

This is the caption of Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade.

Key features: Honda itself is a guarantee of quality from two-wheel manufacturer. Honda Fireblade own players is a long time in the world of Superbike. No features of "strange" in the motor is just kobinasi engine, design and make the motor ranka this is a superior product.

Positive (+) 
Have a combination of performance and handling that is very fitting 
Electronic steering damper on 
Design of motor is designed to create the perfect aerodynamics at each speed 
Perfect for use in the circuits 
Superbike most comfortable for daily use 
Riding position is very flexibel 
The price is cheap dikelasnya 
Now there are options ABS 
Brand Honda disemua who is able to place 

Negative (-) 
Motor design for some people too pug 
In indonesia is not supported ... ATPM AHM gitu loh! 

Conclusion: Honda Superbike win of the year (mid) 2009's two rival terdekatnya the Ducati 1198S and YZF R1 supported because a number of factors. Fireblade freshness of design with no less YZF R1. Of good performance on track and on Road Fireblade is no less than the 1198S. But clearly the price of the CBR 1000RR fireblade absolutely clear winner of both. Achievements in the Honda racing event is also a threat to both rivalnya it. Although some of the things in the Fireblade has kelamahan but overall Fireblade overall winner!

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