Oke friend This is the caption of Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R – Ranking 6.
Key features: Ninja name is distinctive spectral motor sport in the world. KIMS is a mainstay product features Kawasaki original Japanese this. Energy through the engine 175 hp inline four black become a standard package of green motor geng this! 

Positive (+) 
Most suitable for daily use 
Riding position is designed to prevent feeling tired and weary 
motor power in the most kalem class 

Negative (-) 
The combination of design & color monoton and too similar to the younger brother adiknya 
Less steady when used in circuits 
Kawasaki sluggish performance in the GP and Superbike racing 

Conclusion: Although far more superior in the appeal but if the other motor disandingkan with other motor Superbike Kawasaki ninja zx-10 it is difficult to perform especially dominant retreat from the arena Kawasaki GP consecutive aggravate the situation.

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