MODIFIKASI Suzuki Satria F-150

Oke friend this is step to modification Suzuki Satria F-150 2005 (Jakarta) Potong Kaki Ceking. Installation is quite difficult. Good for sokbreker front. And arm swing back. Please make a komstir want to place a time sokbreker. The goal is to adjust the diameter komstir Satria F-150 smaller, "more familiar owner called it Danil. 

Just like back in operation. He must re-arm swing remodel banana owned Aprilia RS125. Especially at the base of the swing arm bolts must make a new sock. This should be done because the bolt hole diameter as arm swing Aprilia too loose. Especially when locked to use ori bolts as Satria F-150. 

Then he was also thinking about how the chain in the duck gambot Suzuki. Aprilia position because the chain is not the same as the Satria F-150. "The position of the chain Aprilia, I have the right," continued the man pelontos again. 

Hence it is forced to make coakan arm swing in the new Aprilia. Only to adjust the position of the chain Satria F-150 that is on the left. Dombos 

COLOR support :

Complete end of the color display. Black and red combination is maintained according to vehicle registration. But now it is not accompanied by typical stripping Satria F-150 again. Black dominates the body. even up to the outside of the engine. While red is quite sticky in the wings. 

Veleg also packed like body. Black background, while in front of the red. Red sepatbor creep up to the front of the coconut shell and red lights are maintained.

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