Oke friend I will give you some Trick to change your SATRIA-F became to amazing. Start from the 'look' alone. body coloration. With the newest equipment, with the oven system coloration pait Spies Hecker create the look so perfect. Paint colors plus custom purple haze brilliant white that usual on a New Honda CRV. 
impression clean is given below body.Undertail this time, Eric did not want to be bothered enough to make fiber glass pinch of Siam Motoshop. United frontier, mix and match, cash and carry, (eh.. Sorry wrong) purple and white to give the sensation DUB sensasional.Kemudian the body of a white bandage tersapu given sweetener cutting sticker ala Flame gold. Workshops conducted in the very day. 
Then velg standard given the standard 10 cross racing sensation with titanium color. To give an impression racing, tires that are commonly used in racing. Again, a solid border matching.Depan actually take the FDR type MP76, while the rear tires wear brand with the same type of XR Sport.
To make the night so the day is planted with halogen booster label N9. 
Well, from the already visible wah lah .. fit for the contest. But, if the goal is modified motor M. Arif Pratama property? 
Apparently not! One big! 
machine is participate modified! Aware technology SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) inhibit the ritual over the size dicomotlah Raider cylinder block 125. Dijejali piston owned Yamaha Scorpio Oversize 50, the total capacity of 190 cc to be swell! 
Where .. Where is ... 
Not only that, the supplier replaced the fuel specialist kuenceng .. NSR SP PE 28.Filter the carburettor Koso.Untuk brand impression memperkental racing, fuel tap dicomot brand Tdr.
To expedite the waste gas exhaust oval titanium.Oops DBS. Electricity must be addressed also. Aki changed the type of dry Maxima 5 Ampere. While CDI XP Limited Edition menggamit stage 2. 
I modified this one deh look dijuluki Rambo Rinto energy.

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