MV Agusta F4 R312

Oke friend this is the caption of MV Agusta F4 R312.
Key features: Mv Agusta is a work of art itself. Motor design that has been aged more than 11 years is still evident more than beautiful design especially the concept of prototype motor though. 

Positive (+): 
Ekslusifitas Mv Agusta 
Design artificial Massimo Tamburini will never become jadul 
Have a claim on the most extreme performance in the Superbike class 

Negative (-): 
Issue Reabilitas 
Absent in all racing event 
Price is very expensive motor 
More comfortable in perspective ketibang in kendarai 
CRC itself is not a company healthy and sustainable 
Less well in the circuit is less comfortable on the road 

Conclusion: It is difficult for Mv Agusta to compete in Superbike all rounder against others. Due to become the best bermodalkan ekslusifitas it's not enough merely to be the best. Performance, ergonomis and price factors also play a role here.

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