Suzuki GSXR 1000R K9

Oke friend this is the caption of Suzuki GSXR 1000R K9 – Ranking 5.
Key features: Suzuki votes Mad Max as his Japanese motor! Energy with large steady traksi a mainstay Gixer this. Moreover, during this Gixxer has a top end power and top speed is good dikelasnya! 

Positive (+): 
GSXR alias Gixer own performance is a retired quality assurance 
K9 has traksi most especially good considering the K9 does not have traction control 
Although energy has a large but easily able dijinakan 
Perfect for use in the circuits by both pro and amateur 
In indonesia it is supported by ATPM 

Negative (-): 
Design model that is very old 
practical during the last 4 years there is no change in the frame drastically 
Motor up the board but not "most" top 
quite expensive price compared to other products that more gress, although still reasonably be regarded 

Conclusion: Motor Max Neukirchner this pledge is yahud, perfect performance can be spelled out. But the design is already very old when compared to other products. Only a facelift, with the motor design like this is almost entirely dipensiunkan. It's All new GSXR K10 is very kehadiranya be expected!

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