- Motor is Satria - F 150cc CBU Standard 2005 
- Knalpot a NOB1 racing Alumunium Muffler Series
- Koil a Kitaco Racing 
- CDInya a Hyperband Brt 
- Footstep Underbound Yoshimura 
- Carburettor RX-King 
- Use the Kitaco Volt Meter (Figure below - a lot of lamp)

- Spakboard cut back and  .. (Undertail for the best, but I do a lot of now .. So, shall saver diferrent else .. he said ^ ^) 
- Front tire FDR Semi Slik SportMP 27 
- Rear tire FDR Semi Slik SportMP 57 
- Gases spontaneous Yoshimura 
- Cap Rem oil front Yoshimura (Variations) 
- Hazard lights (lamp triangle in the car i) 

OK still not satisfied because he started utak especial motornya body paint it, airbrush in aja skalian in Bhen's Airbrushing tribal motif "bunglon", plus how-to add little more on another kayaking and front brake hose blakang: Kitaco, termignoni oil cooler, front disc for abs, "spek" engine just ported head