The ABT Audi AS5

The ABT AS5, based on the Audi A5 gets a facelift and a ability advancement for the 2007 Essen Motor Show. The ABT Audi AS5 able with the 3.0 TDI agent now outputs 300 hp (221 KW) and 600 Nm of torque at 2400 rpm. The ABT AS5 needs 5.3 abnormal to ability 100 km/h and has a top acceleration of 264 km/h.
Abt Sportsline Press Release:

Dynamical breeding - the Abt AS5
Unobtrusive architecture and able actualization - this is what the Abt AS5 stands for. With a acute eye on the detail Abt enhances the affected Audi Coupe with its breathtaking, adorable contours and the continued flanks. The aggregation from Kempten
has managed to advancement the different agent after alteration its character. With the two black acrylic and the Abt anatomy kit, the AS5 appears like a mannequin in an absurd artist custom-built suit. The advanced skirt, in which a filigree aspect accents the advanced fog lights and the single-frame grill, the conspicuously arced crabbed parts, the fender insets and the gill-shaped air inlets anatomy a balanced unit. The Coupe is a different and admirable car, no amount from which perspective. The rear brim inset with the diffuser alluringly harmonizes with the 4-pipe rear muffler, calm with the altogether advised rear addle-brain it accentuates the rear of the vehicle. As ideal complement.

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