Ford Focus RS

A car like Ford Focus RS would never accept been conceived in these times. It's an overhang of the years of optimism that aback concluded aftermost fall. Look at the admeasurement of the RS's accompanying tailpipes, exhaling like storm drains from the rear bumper. See the behemothic aspect asthmatic air to the intercooler beneath the advanced authorization plate. Check the bloated caster arches, the ground-hugging stance, the 19-inch auto and the rear addle-brain like a bomber's wingspan.
So let us, the car-lovers of the world, action aggregate thanksgivings that Ford has fabricated the actual acme of hot hatches into such a life-affirmingly ablaze apparatus as its Focus RS.
2010 Ford Focus RS Rear Three Quarters View
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We've covered the engineering before, so let's jump-cut to the way it feels bottomward the road. We're in a second-gear corner, a bound abundance acclivous 90-right. We bandy the car in, its adherence abating beneath the wheel-filling brakes, and feel the high-geared council booty a chaw out of the curve. The annoy anchor is way above accepted hot-hatchback levels, but that's not the absolutely amazing part. The absolutely appropriate allotment is what comes next, on the avenue of the curve.
We clasp the aluminum burke pedal and the agent takes a behemothic lungful, casting us beneath the coercion of the 305-hp, 2.5L five-cylinder motor's 325 lb-ft of torque, accessible with little lag from able-bodied beneath 3000 rpm. The limited-slip cogwheel does its job of befitting both tires biting, and the patented advanced abeyance geometry suppresses the torque steer. The little Focus aloof careers out of the angle with amazing fairground-ride physicality. As the revs ascend to the complete of an acute five-cylinder bombinate we grab the abutting accessory and apart off an access of waste-gate flutter. Honestly the way it gets its ability down.

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