American Motor Style

fresh creations abide to breeze from the modification stage. Demand has not been absent Japs low addition style, awakening classics, and Thailand Look at the flood of 2008 is now a new virus to arise in 2009 the works Sonny Jaya. 
Mengusung affair big bottom American style, architecture account on Sonny Honda Vario 2007 dibalut through architecture and affected modernity. Stay with fitrahnya skubek put it as a motorcycle that still charge to authorize anatomic and assurance elements. "Options appliance tetak modif aerate assurance and anatomic elements of improvisation, while giving a address in a new country," Sonny's animadversion markasnya in Jl.Pungkur, No.212 Bandung.

Appropriate concepts big foot, again approved the 18-inch ring, and not attach any car rim. Although the appliance of the car, but the two abandon still attending the same. "That's what I alarm it new. Usually alone one ancillary rim. Here the motor beheld from the ancillary looks the aforementioned everywhere, "Sonny dust.
Forefoot of a abounding dicomot Suzuki Brugman, including segitiganya. Thus, alone the all-important abstruse penyambungnan as to the framework of the capital rudder. Thus the point that circuitous lengnan to beat back.
"Because the amount charge not be counted appropriately burst in as accessible affiliation to the engine. Right-left antithesis of the accountability of captivation a cogent weight and architecture of apparent mumpuni, "said pemodifikasi Sawo adapted with it. Hence, architecture centers and sokbreker fabricated application daleman Mercedes-Benz, but still alfresco the per original.
While the anatomy design, from advanced to aback lekukannya afterward the jet ski. Including the bar, "We booty the Grand DINK Custom articles from Thailand," said Sonny. Bodi additionally dimundurkan, the apparatus is back. To alteration activity through a alternation and a CVT are continued to affix dengnan overdrive allegory 17:27. (Chuenk)
DATA Modifications
Tire front: 170/70x18 Tire Deli
Rear tire: 190/50x18 Dunlop
Pelek: Modifications Faboulous R-18
Kaliper: Nissin
Head lamp: Toyota Innova
Screen: Toshiba
Handlebar: Custom Grand DINK

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