Honda Tiger With Modification Extrime Views

Not accept the acute angle of the 2003 Honda Tiger. However, the builder's branch Irfandi Pontianak 2XP accomplish abounding innovations, although his assignment is aggressive from the Suzuki B-King. The result, her motor action so that added stout.
Viewed from the framework of a archetypal cutting beating down. "If we appetite to mutually abstraction can be done easily," says Irfan, akrabnya greeting. he explained that the alpha can be dismantled from the average of the aback up arrangement with the admeasurement of bolts 14 (at the top) and 12.
In addition, try to attending about the gas tank. Be allotment of such a cover, but accept added functions, a lamp holder which sein dicomot of Honda Supra X 125.

Still in the tank, agenda the area below. There are variations that are generally acclimated deltabox Suzuki Thunder 125. Is the original, said Irfan, of aluminum. So that the appearance is bigger from the cutom fiber.

Then, move your aberrant glance to sepatbor. This breadth is advised consists of three sections that bolt calm with the worm. Made because the motor is not a accepted middle. So, if a burst tire, it's accessible to open.
Now move to the back. Note Suspensi, Irfan try the MX 150 and the Ninja. Nah lho, such as what happens? For MX, which is acclimated alone peredamnya stem, while the Ninja is taken pernya. see The result, according to the acceptance of a motor, it is actual soft.

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