Modifikasi Suzuki Titan Pada Bahan Bakar

After Smash Titan was introduced in the Prambanan Temple complex this week, then a journalist given a chance to try this motorcycle a distance of 50 kilometers.

First, the Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta to 20 km. After that, test the fuel keiritan through public streets, including current along the 22.2 km.

The best results obtained from 15 participants was 76.21 km / liter. The average speed for fuel consumption is 40 km / h, with a record of never stopped. Understandably the police are guided by the motor. While the results of the most extravagant is 50.23 km / liter. According to the organizers (from GMU), average consumption of these motors are driven by economically 64.33 km / liter.

To control and stability, tested in public streets of Yogyakarta and guided police motorcycles, motorbikes, including OK! Without a lift, drove with three teeth and digeber of speed 30 km / h (out of the corner), the engine feels rensponsif. However, information from a journalist friend who rode tandem, to get the pull of a responsive, must start from second gear and drove at a speed of 20 km / hr.

Engine sound quite smooth. Vibrations on the exhaust pipe was smooth. While not detected in the rearview mirror vibration disturbing visions. Suspension comfortable, smooth gearshift and brake very well. However, acceleration and top speed is still unknown. Handlebars are also easily controlled.

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