Maksimalkan Power Honda CS1

Honda already has a CS-1 to his running as fast as Honda CBR150? Easy! Incidentally PT Tri Mentari Niaga (TMN) in Cibinong, Bogor, has been practicing in the CS-1 belongs to Alexander Lunardi. Strength equivalent to motor sports.
 How? Pairs of pistons stay packages, handlebars pistons, cylinder heads and blocks CBR150. The result, from testers dynometer owned by TMN, energy increases until 7dk, from the standard 10.26 dk. So also with engine rpm, initially only 10,000 rpm, could now break the 12,400 rpm. "Actually, we buy directly from Honda CBR150 packages in Thailand. Dijajal here at CS-1, "Tomy said Huang, Director of TMN.
  Despite CBR150 package, to install the new components is easy-easy to hard. "It must be adjusted. You see, there are different components, "said Suwar, TMN is trusted mechanic working on CS-1.
The most basic, keteng chain. CBR150 got longer because it was double over head camshaft (DOHC) aka 2nd and 4th valve again. So again there are two eccentric gear and the number of eye teeth more than those of CS-1. Unfortunately, Suwar forget that the differences in both components.

Block cylinder CBR can not be installed in crankcase CS-1. Section, and keteng chain tensioner hole in the duck is more narrow. Then there thinking it would replace the left crankcase has a CBR. "So keep wearing crankcase CS-1, but there was little change. Babet or welding using argon welding aluminum to form a hole like a CBR150 keteng chain, "said 25-year single.

Other changes, replacing the piston has a CBR handlebars. In essence, does not change the pistons move because CBR and CS-1 have a common 47.2-mm. Only the size of the CBR piston handlebar was longer and its replacement has its own considerations. "In order for the piston pairs of baseball need to have change. If you still have to use CS-1, the position of the piston hole mengasih CBR150 must be changed with the boss, "said Suwar.

Why, the piston pin hole in the handlebar piston CS-1 13 mm, while that in the CBR 15 mm. Hence all handlebars replace the piston. Unloading-pair affairs should be brought to the turner.

By the way, what is the cost of its components? For bore-up package of CBR150 to cost USD 5 million. "This is not for sale, but who'd like to order please aja," Tomy said. (Niko)

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