Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio New Edition

Actually, Yamaha Scorpio built-in as a motor sports genre. But who would accept anticipation could be hypermotard attractive afterwards the surgery. It angry out appealing cool. Transformation was absolutely the motor owner's request, Hetmansyah Helmy, from the circuitous Marines Rangkapan Jaya Pura, Maruyung, Depok.
Helmy not aloof already adapt the bike. Previously, modifications are fabricated to Honda GL-Pro SMW750 Aprilia imitation.
In accession to style, this hypermotard archetypal charge be enjoyed by families, both wife and son. Hence, the accessibility area is still a appropriate attention. "Original anatomy there is about enggak changed. In fact, the accepted catchbasin Scorpio continues to be used," explained Wardoyo, Gandul modifikator of the branch on 2Wheel Custom Cinere, Depok.
Wardoyo accepted no adversity back responding to requests to Helmy bike adapted into hypermotard style. Incidentally, the accepted framework of Scorpio is actual supportive. "Just calculation the legs advanced so that the adapted final actualization materialize," he admitted.
To strengthen the legs, upside bottomward the model's aisle accurately absorbed to the front. Here, Helmy application aftermarket genitalia fabricated in Thailand. Advanced appearance becomes a key to change. Headlamp carapace architecture is taken from the Aprilia Dorsoduro. "The archetypal is alloyed with sepatbor smaller. This is so archetypal hypermotard," abiding Wardoyo.
Other changes arise on the accepted arm that looks to be added gambot afterwards accustomed condoms fabricated from the plate. Changes additionally arise on the advanced disc brakes so it looks bigger now.

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