Yamaha Majesty with Harajuku style

Yamaha Majesty with Harajuku style. Yamaha Majesty Similar to the trend of Harajuku style dress that always ogled by the observer in the world of fashion, style of automotive modification, both for cars and motorcycles in Japan also made reference to follow. For example to give the motor modification. Japanese society is currently being fond of dress manifold big motor scooter. Call brands like Suzuki Burgman or Yamaha Majesty. They generally apply makeup fancy style. With a catchy color game combined elements of tone, such as solid white candy, pearl white, orange, baby blue, yellow, and more. There is also an added Tomographic s all over my body airbrush bike. Not only that, the chrome accents are also frequently found in the scooter-scooter their mainstay. This also confirms the impression of luxury in these motors.
The application of other accessories like dual exhaust pipes (which is also accented chrome) further strengthens the aura. Because of widespread modification gives big scooter in Japan, one of the home modification is very well known, give the car that is Fabulous, have specifically provide supporting accessories for several brands of big scooter! In Indonesia, especially Jakarta, the dress is also starting to bloom big scooter made. Although not extreme in Japan, but if attention is now on the streets began to roam the various big scooter many who have colored-coded, like the Suzuki Burgman berkelir black and white combination, or Piaggio X9 with light colors, and much more. We'll wait the next cation modification.

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