2010 Volga Car Contest Modification

Sometimes, it's the absurd being that gets the best reactions. At a appearance area the supercar amphitheater boasted the brand of a Schuppan 962CR and James Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5, beyond the field, car of absolutely added bashful agent was cultivating an equally-delighted accumulation of admirers for itself. Yes, it is the adverse of a supercar, but this '76 Volga GAZ-24 was calmly one of the highlights of the show, if you ask us.
Wedged amid a blah Facel Vega auto and a adorable Citroen DS, the abysmal red Volga was beautifully angry out, with blinding whitewall tires, velour-accented seats, accurate logo mudflaps, airbrushed hammer-and-sickle art on the hood, and apparently the best adapted vanity plates ever. The car was alike wore its own fur hat.
When we asked the buyer to accessible the awning for us so we could grab a quick photo, he apologetically said, "Oh, there's not abundant to see," as he aerial it to acknowledge the apple-pie inline-four. "Besides, if I accumulate it open, no one can see the artwork!" Smiles all about as association aggregate to ogle this Cold War curiosity, which you're aloof about as acceptable to see on the alley as any of the exotics that were anchored a few hundred anxiety away. In its own way, it's every bit as cool.

Title: 2010 Volga Car Contest Modification 

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