Low Rider Style Yamaha Mio 2011 Modifikasi

2011 Modification of low rider style is no longer something special. But, there are Modifikasi Yamaha Mio interesting from the work of Bambang Winarto, master Herry Matic Modification (HMM), while establishing his Yamaha Mio Sporty 2007. Experience as a craftsman and player of Jepara furniture almost 30 years he practiced at skutik "tuning fork" is.

So, for ornament or detail MODIF, fiddle with that part diutak by Papi-Bambang close calls through the folds of paper. "The technique I use plain paper folds do if we want to create ornaments on the furniture. Diutak paper folds up to be the motive in doing things with accordingly," explained Bambang.

Capital work wear body make paper plate material is applied with a thickness of 1.4 mm. This especially applies to the front so it looks a little bloated and like Maxim Scooter when viewed from the front. Both the indentation and pulling there baseball body that looks forced.

Again refer to the front. Plates made like darts that hit the bottom of the nose. Could also be likened to the royal helmet that protects the nose. "This is made separately. All the bolts are designed on the inside, so baseball looked," said Bambang.

Results of other paper folds appear on the exhaust. Bet you thought there were two mufflers. In fact, the bottom functions as a heat drain machines.

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