Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder 2010 Edition

MODIFICATION motor to be a trend for the enthusiast motor. Unmitigated many people are willing to spend big pocket just to modify the bike to make it look more the best modification motor. Standard style is certain to make boring. Especially if it was classified motor sport motor bike aka the guy.
Pain is what makes Deaunu or more ngetrend officer on the call Dinnu Suzuki Thunder initiative to reorganize the nearly 125 original full-year round to mount.
"Boredom is also hell clay motor looks so-so aja. So what's wrong in MODIF aja let looks more cool again and not get bored, "said Dinnu. In the minds Dinnu, Thunder a true sport-type motorcycle is easy to modify. With a big motor or a cool style called Moge making the owner look dashing.
Let me be more visible cool, Dinnu Grimeka installing 17-inch wheels combined with the tire size of 160/60 Pirelli Dragon MTR02. But try show initial scenario, not directly short can be installed. Honda NSR wheels congenital grimeka clearly different from that Suzuki can not possibly fit so direct too.
"After I can not be installed immediately. It took two days to make a new adapter for rear seporket stuck. Than not so, I was forced to make to the turner, "he explained.
After the legs have finished, the entire body of the Thunder art by Sikken red paint brick products. "I'll look more ferocious," he concluded. ***
Aprilia-style Swing Arm
To adjust the width grimika wheels, swing arm swing arm replaced deposed estede aprilia models made handmade .*
Kohar Machine
Daily scraped with a smoothing machine suction and exhaust holes and memapas cylinder head. Original carburation deposed and replaced with congenital carburation Kawasaki Ninja to support muscular legs .*
Data modification:
Engine guard - custom
behind Lights - F1Z R
Carburetor - Ninja
Rear calipers - Brembo
Bolts body - a key setainless L
Velg- Grimeka
Front tire - 90/80 Battlax
Rear Tires - 160/60Pirelli MTR02 mishmash

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