2006 Honda CBR1000RR

2006 Honda CBR1000RR Specification :
Front End: Syndicate Custom Sportbikes swingarm, auto and rear pegs, blurred strap, Galfer rotors and stainless animate braided lines
Rear End: Lowered, Cycle Pirates pegs, Galfer rotor and stainless animate braided line
Motor: Performance cams, adjustable cam gears, ported, able and epoxied head, Power Commander III, BMC Race air filter, corrective covers, anodized aluminum bolts, Jardine RT5 carbon cilia bankrupt arrangement with bowl wrap
Paint: Paint Pros and Syndicate Custom Sportbikes
Polish/chrome: Syndicate Custom Sportbikes
Bodywork: Syndicate Custom Sportbikes, HRC
Accessories: Viper auto start, Cycle Pirates levers, spikes
Owner: Brittany Ellis
Builder: Abe Pagan, Syndicate Custom Sportbikes (syndicatecustomsportbikes.com)

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