Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Z

Perhaps many of us who doubt whether a good Scorpio modified. The reason for these motors tend to be rigid body and difficult to find an appropriate modification component. Of course this assumption is wrong. Precisely because this motor has a specific character, then the modification can be better directed. ENDURO machine model and base inherited from the Yamaha Supercross motorcycle, making it very fitting to faces made SuperMoto. Live search swing arm is slightly longer and higher front pretentious, that's settled. If you want more fit again, the front tire rear wheels equipped with a slightly wide and 17-17 tire racing. A SuperMoto was born!

But what if some wants to flow the other modifications, but also not wagu? Can I see the result of modification with a friend who happened to this bike owner in Jakarta.

This motor may be called a minimalist theme streetfighter. Therefore, several main aspects like body and the light is maintained. Simply replace the component legs are a little bigger, but still selected which approximates the dimensions and the original model of Scorpio. Naturally, the owner had hooked the motor speed-touring with his old, Thunder 250 known fierce in the long journey. But according to him, rather memble Thunder in the short track in the city. Doi then choose the Scorpio Z agile and powerful rhinoceros desire to remove the bottom-up lap on the way in and out of town. Therefore, modification of the legs should be able to maintain the ability to "run" fast.

Width Sok FXR

To obtain the proportions while keeping the weight, selected a number of components of the legs of FXR. Starting from the pretentious front, swing arm, until the wheels and cakramnya. Sok FXR most wide front in its class that has a reliable stability during cornering or braking. The width of the triangle's ass is the same as the Thunder 250 or RS 125 telescopic type of model upsidedown.


What distinguishes the three dimensions is just as pretentious. The bigger of course, the more stiff (rigid and strong). As a rather small dimensions also means lighter. Another advantage, pretentious front has a fairly large Balancer in the middle between the wheels and lower triangular so that the engine vibration 4 gahar not be muted. It is common knowledge if some motor-cc 4 stroke her big like Tiger and Scorpio are produced with a small triangle. As a result not only less sweet, but also vibration ass up bad ass front tire felt.

Choosing tomorrow FXR also means reducing the risk of premature ejekulasi. Why? Because this ass still quite young compared to the average moge pretentious waste 10-20 years of age. Faster rise and fall and the risk can be ignored rejected. Sparepartnya still available far more than leebih for example, if you are using a quasi moge. Because you have to hunt for parts pretentious moge when damage occurs.


Choosing the swing arm is always easy-easy to hard if you do a modification. If you are careless could have chosen an arm without conventional monosok unitrack alias. Though the conventional types such as waste monosok Hornet 125 or TZM actually reduce the stability and modification of motor control. The experience of many users of conventional monosok showed frequent motor tires lose traction. Slip risk endangering motorists and other road users.


So why choose the arm that did not originally berunitrack FXR? Just simple. First, the swing arm FXR has a unique model of banana. Not so curved and long, and fit the model and size with the Scorpio. Model half-banana (banana spring-model) has a groove that fits with the side-rear body and tank models that tend to box Scorpio. This is tantamount to matching arm model Aprilia RS 125 with tank and body side behind Tiger. The results will appear a line X of the tail and arm toward the front of the motorcycle tank and cocky.

Second, the long arm FXR just disagree +4 cm from the original arm Scorpio. If using arm Aprilia RS will be delayed approximately 7 cm and mythological arm will stretch 12 cm. Tire and the tail end result will no longer parallel sehingg impression tires chasing their tails. Besides increasing the stability due to a little arm length will be obtained, without the need to reduce handling and agility that selegendaris Scorpio King's RX. However, since the arm still adhered to its original FXR conventional pretentious, so it need a unitrack. In case this is not difficult because it can utilize the original congenital unitrack and cocky Scorpio. Staying make the right bracket, then the stability and comfort can be obtained. But be careful in the layout and welding if you do not want the installation bracket useless and easily dislodged.

Third, the owner of the motor selected arm is very smooth. Especially good chance that the patent was chromated. Nice view can be obtained. Also look elegant as well with other components that also kinclong.

Racy Cross 5

When the owner insisted on installing wheels on this bike FXR Orie, I do not forget to ask. Even a few times. What's sure do not want to use the wheel GSX 400 or Aprilia RS 125 is wider and gahar? Apparently my friend was more fanatical Japanese brand that carried with FXR. According to congenital FXR Enkei alloy wheels very lightweight and strong. Just be advised of this alloy is still the original made in Japan.


Another advantage berpalang fifth wheel ring size is 17 inches front and back. And the feel of speed can be achieved and certainly no market for the Scorpio. Moreover, FXR 290 plus wide discs front and rear 230 patents, stay added to the front and Nissin Brembo moge to the rear, directly ciet!

To add to the impression gahar, front wheel took Battlax BT 39 BT 90 45 130 front and rear. No resale-sekenan pelu, because quite a lot of stock in Jakarta for the brand and type. Enough with 900 thousand, hence the slogan "no power without control," making this motorcycle gahar, fast, safe and well ...

Continue to enjoy the sensation bro!!

Data Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Z :

Fork and quasi triangular front: Telescopic Suzuki FXR 150
Swingarm: Banana Suzuki FXR 150 (chromated)
Sok rear / unitrack: Orie Scorpio
Front-rear wheels: Suzuki FXR 150
Front brake discs + calipers: Brembo FXR and Aprilia RS 125
Rear brake discs + calipers: FXR and Nissin (CBR)
Front tire: Bridgestone Battlax BT 39 90/70/17
Rear Tires: Bridgestone Battlax BT 45 130/70/17

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