2010 Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Hijau

2010 Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Hijau
Great pride for Arno-Ardi duo "Twins Cilia Planets" Batu, Malang, who afresh completed a acknowledged countdown MODIF works from overseas. Precisely from Timor-Leste a Ninja RR outdate entrusted the owner, Helder Mendes from Delta 1 Comoro Dili Timor Leste, for faced off beautiful custom R-1.
"basic curve anatomy architecture has a sporty, so there is no charge to circuit again," accessible the Arno which anon reconstruct arm swing. Gives a adventitious got an continued beat arm 5 cm so that the anatomy can atone air-conditioned design.
Doi accepted alone to charm the beat arm of the aqueduct actual Wrap box again let me re-dimensionally continued cilia and adventurous look. Anatomy architecture matters, as accepted attitude Kijang Krista lighting applications so that counterbalanced goaled decorator assignment re allowance allowance ancillary widened the aperture with baptize breeze accretion almu cribriform.
Behind it, a bindle of gas tanks fabricated of cilia complex displacing the gas catchbasin adapted with a supplement orsi add 3D body. Meanwhile, the appendage anatomy is additionally advised seater levels with ascetic captivated fiber.
Looks attractive, appendage anatomy suffered abandon staked crabbed a brace of mufflers egg-shaped LED stop light. Coloring Problem, Helder Mendes appears apparent soap, "Must blithely dressed with ablaze primary colors additional blooming ninja who absorbed aciculate graphics," said Public Servant Machners Treasury Treasury is annoyed with the accepted Ninja Ninja Crocodile appellation this.

Spesifikasi 2010 MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja Hijau:
Rim: Sprint, BAN: Swallow-Metzeler, Stang: Handmade, Fork: USD Variations, exhaust: Ardaz, BRUSHER: by Keygen Robbil, TOTAL: Rp.13 Jt, chrome: RJM, modifier: Twins Cilia Planets Jl.Diponegoro Gg. Argopuro 29 Stone by Arno-Ardi Twins

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