Modifikasi Yamaha RX King

Modifikasi Yamaha RX King
 Modifikasi Yamaha RX King - Vincent Teris skipper Ivan Putra Jaya Motor variations shop on Flores, NTT wants to steal the attention of consumers through a display of motor modifications. "With a motor that has dimodif mendisplay. I hope that this breakthrough could steal some attention from consumers. One of the promotional strategy as well," explained the normal brother-king greeted Ivan.
To build a motor that yahud this modification, do not bear directly contact the builder Ivan origin city famous crocodile. Who else could it be that the commander of the Udin Isbandi Custom Bad Boy of the area Jl. Anom Pucang V/21, Surabaya.

The main focus of destruction that occurred in the sector's legs. "I want to show the impression fracture at the bottom. Hence rims and tires have been replaced with larger sizes," said Udin.

To compensate, pretentious front follow-up kudu also replaced. Doi entrust the pretentious front and rear upside down for applied systematically. Udin, part swing-arm enough to play modification.

Doi add a stabilizer made from the main pipe-sized box 1.5 x 2.5 cm. This stabilizer welded GTdi the original shrimp chopsticks shaped arm refers to the racing model that is more trendy. "To strengthen the construction, at the end of the stabilizer I added a 3-mm-thick plates," he explained.

Finishing using tone candy paint shiny and of course I'll also tempting.


Front tire: Bridgestone 90/80
Rear tire: Bridgestone 100/80
Sok back: Yoko
Front disc: Marzocchi
Rear discs: Marzocchi
Bad Boy Custom: (031) 5026402

Modifikasi Yamaha RX King

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