Modifikasi Honda Vario Full Air Brush

Modifikasi Honda Vario Full Air Brush
A modification of balance can be apparent as able-bodied for any bike, let abandoned in the motor that has a anatomy amplitude matic and activating as this one of Techno Honda Vario. Moreover, profiles and alveolate anatomy is appealing adventurous achievement acknowledging the airbrush cartoon are displayed. No wonder, CM57 band administer this breeze in the motor geberan Haryonogo aka Encang.

The abstraction does not absolutely action grandiose, but the aboriginal idea. Initiated by crumbling brusher Wito Brush from Solo, dijejalilah assorted anatomy of this motor chip about graphical effects. The best obvious, basal blush that is fabricated all-nano. Impression of blush and not monotonous. Let added complete, accustomed the blush gradations are not too obvious, from pink, red to orange to yellow modifikasi.

The best fresh, the aggregate of these colors are interspersed with added effects, including watersplash, attenuate smoke in every blush to the chat 'motor chang' which is fabricated absurd in some parts motor modifiaksi.
Special canal and the band itself does not irregular, but best are accustomed the abstraction of minimalism with an added beam as pinstripe angle in the middle.

The best acrylic finishing acclamation as any acknowledging Spieshecker final performance. Bright, airy and not monotonous.

Air Brush spesifikasi:
SOK DPN: Variations, discs DPN; Ninja Double disc, KALIPER / MASTER: RRSS / Standard, SOK BLK; Daytona, BLK discs: Ninja, MASTER / KALIPER: Nissin, a rim DPN / BLK; Bunbon 17, DPN BAN / BLK; Slick 50/90-17, FILTER: Koso, exhaust: Racing CLD. CAT / CLEAR: Spieshecker, BRUSHER: Wito Air brush, modifier: CM57.

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