Old Style Modification Motor Honda GL

Old Style Modifikasi Motor Honda GL
Old motor can. However, if maintained, let abandoned the appearance afflicted into years earlier than its production, it added motorcycles appealing sight. Well, there are several motor blow lawas from assorted regions that accept been adapted classical style. Apparently, lawas motors are appealing sight.
From Bali
I Nyoman Gede Suparwata accept aerial aesthetic value. Honda C90’s 33-year-old became affected DKW model, the motor of the 1960s from Europe. In fact, said Nang Pucung-Suparwata affable greeting in the GPS community, this modification is to mix and Zundapp DKW.
View DKW reflected through the catchbasin and lights, while Zundapp looks from the front, starting from sokbreker and sepatbor. In the meantime, accumulate the agent from Honda, but not C90, but Mega Pro.
One added assignment of Gede Nyoman Aditya is a 1976 Honda CB100 motorcycle antagonism tilled into. The assignment for a continued time because of assignment on their own. “Nearly bisected a year to be like this,” explained Adit. Interestingly, Adit is a accepted practitioner.
Although afflicted by the simple modifications, abounding genitalia of the motor-custom themselves. For example, for not application the handlebars of pins, allotment of Honda Tiger dicustom. Then, all the anatomy in re-using custom galvanized plate. The catchbasin is best from the motor which forms lawas has changed.
From Yogyakarta
Rarely accept the modifying Binter Merzy, which awash in Indonesia in the 1980s, to change its shape. M Dwi Anto from Yogyakarta try to accommodate java’s appearance and jap’s appearance after accomplishing a lot of turnover.
Exception, the headlights best from 90S Honda in 1976 and little-custom. Gas catchbasin was taken from the Yamaha YB 1974 and formed thin. Then, the anxiety are additionally custom. For example, per shockbreker abrasion a Vespa accumulated with as sokbreker from Honda GL Pro. There are abounding more. Please accredit to.

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