Specification Yamaha Raptor 125 Engine

Specification Yamaha Raptor 125 Engine
Engine and Powertrain
The Raptor 125 is run by a 124 cc four achievement SOHC engine, but don’t let the baby admeasurement fool you, the agent delivers a ample bulk of ability for its size. And this ability is delivered to the auto via a bristles acceleration gearbox with a chiral clutch. A three alveolate muffler, taken from the Raptor 250, ensures a acceptable achievement for both low and mid ambit performance.
The agent itself is adapted with a single-axis counterbalance, which reduces the accordance and adds to a added adequate ride. Electric starting is accepted on the bike, which gives a altercation chargeless use. And a 29mm carburetor from MikuniTM gives you a acceptable burke acknowledgment in all achievement levels.
Chassis and Suspension
The Raptor 125 appearance a 28 inch seat, which is low abundant to accommodate a acceptable bulk of abundance for the rider. On the added hand, the handlebars are placed in an ideal position to added advance addition comfort.
Much of the 125’s abeyance is acquired from its predecessor, the 250. This agency that you will get a appealing acceptable set of accessories here. For instance, the advanced abeyance uses a bifold wishbone arrangement with bristles way preloaded shocks for bigger caster control. Each shock cushion is adjustable to clothing the settings you want. And the bike comes with amateur disc brakes for bigger endlessly control.
Other Features Specification Yamaha Raptor 125 Engine :

One of the things that ATV’s charge accept is a acceptable attractive set of wheels. And for the 125, this comes in the anatomy of 19- and 18-inch Maxxis tires for the advanced and aback respectively. At the front, you accept a ample headlight that provides a acceptable bulk of lighting during night drives. Lastly, an aberrant alternation adjuster allows for accessible admission back accomplishing aliment assignment on the bike.

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