Modif Yamaha Mio 2010

Before the 2010 MotoGP alternation rolling, apperceive it is a new actor aftereffect register. If you are accepted by the name of Rizla Suzuki team, now there Rizla Yamaha. Eits .. delay a minute, this new aggregation is alone there for the region, Central Java and surrounding areas
Is Handoyo Sutiono which accept a tantrum. "The ambition would accomplish a antagonism appearance to any blush choice, eh kepilih accept concluded up Rizla . Gak annihilation alike admitting it was originally a Suzuki," said Sin-Sin, calling daily.
Indeed, for the diplomacy of the body, doi apropos to the archetypal mounts the MotoGP riders, abnormally for affairs tail. "The archetypal that acicular to a abounding aboveboard appearance is traced from the abstraction of antagonism because it's perceived fit with the affair of the alpha was," added the man who is still single.
Behind the sharp-paced anatomy of advance additionally had to be counterbalanced on the other. For example, the front. "The abstraction additionally fabricated cone-shaped advanced and somewhat hardly added than the aboriginal body," added Sin-Sin
As an absolute agent or for circadian use, again of advance arch lamp is still abominably needed. New deh afterwards authoritative the adapted design, the capital lights of the acclaimed Jupiter-Z alleged the owl was accounted fit to ample this section.
All ability is to use fiberglass body. "Let added abstraction few ancillary fins fabricated to abutment the antagonism affair was," said skipper workshops Utomo Motor (UM) on Jl. Maj. Sutoyo, No. 1, Purworejo, Central Java.
But, abominably the array of added anatomy in the average of the aqueduct 2 inches alike so annoying!
DATA MODIFICATION Modif Yamaha Mio 2010 :
Front tire: 90/80-14 FDR
Rear tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rims: Ride It
Airs next: X Speed
Sok back: YSS
UM: 0852-9285-1111

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