Modifikasi Honda Vario 2011

Want to be ogled or motorcycle to the absorption back driving, do not accept to be adapted to extremes. With simple appearance can be apparent beautiful. Modifikasi Honda Vario 2011 Like Honda Vario 2007's uj_boy in Sumatra Indralay selatann. In accession to the blush bold and skubek fabricated added sporty.
Simple concept, but acutely this does not complicate the pemodifikator, Robby Mangolang from Studio 9 in Cileduk, Tangerang. Bodi fabricated Vario sporty, like a car with advanced and rear addle-brain wear. Now, for the motor is the accession of berlambang addition aerial anatomy kit on the advanced awning and anatomy ancillary is fabricated added affected ancillary of fiberglass with an added aciculate lines.
Moreover, the use of the rear auto application Daihatsu Xenia car rims. 5.5-inch rim admeasurement is complemented specer and custom fabricated again. "Use specer to a rim and annoy and agent crankcase baseball ashore at the aforementioned time as adjustment with the body," Robby reasons.
Color alternative accomplish modifications become added evident. Moreover, about all apparatus in chrome, authoritative the bike attending so abundant good.

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