New "Mini Car"

The women are now more independent. Recent research shows that 38.5 percent of cars sold in America are purchased by women. This figure is up from previous research.

Based on a survey of Polk and egmcartech launched on Saturday (04/02/2011), when American women are asked what brand they would buy, then the answer would blaze brands such as Toyota (15.7 per cent, meaning an average of 15.7 of every 100 cars sold is a buyer of women), Honda (14 percent), Ford (10 percent), Chevrolet (8.9 percent) and Nissan (8.8 percent).

But when we look from a different perspective, it would appear other brands.

When we look at sales data further, the MINI brand cars to be 'typical woman's car'. Because 47.9 percent of every 100 cars sold MINI purchased by women.

Similarly, the MCH that has its share of female buyers as much as 46.8 percent. There are also Honda had 46 percent of female buyers of cars sold, followed by Nissan with a share of 45.5 percent female and 45 percent of Subaru.

So the trend is happening at this time the decision to buy a vehicle no longer dominated by men but have started to be held by women.

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