Go Motor Modification 2011

Hi-tech elements and the issue of global warming is still a powerful weapon the world's automotive manufacturers to boost their brand. Proven at every exhibition automotive world, the war concept bike loaded with environmentally friendly technology of the future, always comes up. But instead it was a success so magnetic towing thousands of visitors.

Go Motor Modification 2011
Like in the 29th Bangkok International Motor arena (BIMS) Show in building BITEC Bang Na, Bangkok, Thailand (27/3-6/4). The proof is on the first day the exhibition opened, the thousands who crowded the end of two-wheel booth made a few motorcycle concept looks stunned.

They are generally carrying a pocket of Kamer, not wasting the opportunity to capture these motors. Because usually in the foreseeable future will be mass produced manufacturer. Although the motor will not look exactly as it was displayed. Well, one of a fairly crowded booth raided visitors, Suzuki. The reason is on the main stage symbol motor manufacturers 'S', the Thai Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd., Thailand exhibiting two pieces skutik nuanced concept of hi-tech. His name SD-2001 (black color) and SD-2002 (white).

Design hroug h the futuristic and aerodynamic lines all over his body firmly enough to hypnotize the eye. Moreover, the two motors that carry a small kitchen, runway capacity, which is supposedly based on 125 cc Hayate 125. Only just cover the outside of the engine (CVT and magnets) was redesigned with a more futuristic and elegant concept. Between the cover of the machine with wheel fenders are designed together. Interesting enough is the design of the diusungnya V-style handlebars. When in skutik-skutik now generally covered handlebar cover, in both elementary and minimalist concept precisely constrained. Maybe follow the trend lately. But that does not mean no lo indicator panel. Reader device and the engine rotation speed exists, but its dimensions made as small as possible which is positioned in the center of handlebars. As a result handlebars remain impressed minimalist appearance, but become more exotic.

Motor KonsepOh yes, some advanced technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS), MP3 and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) crammed in SD-02. Everything is integrated in the indicator panel on the handlebars. Technologies was none other than to facilitate the driver during the trip.
Acts as a GPS navigation tool. While MP3 tend to make entertainment. Medium PDA for ease of acting as a GPS navigation tool. While MP3 tend to make entertainment. Medium PDA for ease of communication. Sure, the technologies were not new. Especially in the four-wheeled vehicle. However, in arguably the motorcycle was new. So it can be said is the future technology for the motor.

Regarding the specifications in detail, yet no official explanation. Understandably, because it is still a prototype project. But according to one crew when interviewed AUTOMOTIVE Suzuki booth, kitchen runway two systems also have to use fuel injection. LED headlamps. Thus, both elementary concept is really a mainstay skutik Suzuki for the future. As disclosed Masanobu Saito, president of Thai Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. in his speech at the opening day of BIMS.

Go !!! Motor Modification 2011

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